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Founded in 1999, Financial Literacy Counsel provides financial education and planning to families, corporations and institutions. We started as a university student club to bridge the financial literacy gap.

Today, we are leaders for professionals seeking unbiased financial education and planning.



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Here's what our clients and partners say about us...
Dr Stacy Sprague, Executive Director, Employee Safety, Health & Wellness Vancouver Coast Health

“We have partnered with Alphil Guilaran and his team at the Financial Literacy Counsel to provide knowledgeable, trustworthy and unbiased financial education and coaching. This makes for a program that delivers relevant content that matters to healthcare professionals"

Brian Lee, Associate Principal St George’s School

"For the past 17 years, Financial Literacy Counsel has supported our financial literacy and education efforts, going far beyond the BC Ministry requirements" 

Pria Sandhu, Chief Executive Officer, BC Doctors of Optometry

"Financial Literacy Counsel integrates quality, innovation and practical solutions into their teaching and activities" 

Sharon Duguid, Senior Associate, Lansberg Gersick & Associates (LGA)

“Alphil Guilaran and his team at the Financial Literacy Counsel have delivered extremely high quality, customized financial literacy programs for some of Canada's wealthiest families. Their programs are engaging and relevant to their audience. Alphil and his team have been totally attuned to what the family and their needs are, and adjusted and enhanced programs accordingly."

Dr Kawai Cheung , MD

“I am glad that the Financial Literacy Counsel specializes in financial planning for physicians. They helped my family maximize our financial opportunities and navigate the unknown financial waters of being doctors.” 

Dr Ruchika Shukla, MD

“Financial Literacy saves me time and money by having a family CFO (Chief Financial Officer) manage the details of my financial world so I can invest in my marriage, children and clinic practice.”  

Karl Krokosinski, CEO and Founding Partner of Customplan Financial Advisors Inc

“Like in any relationship, both parties bring out the best in each other. FLC and Customplan have a symbiotic relationship that does just this.”

Rob Hack, Branch Manager, Investia Financial Services Inc.

“I appreciate working with Bobby and his team of FLC Advisors, since my involvement from 2005.  I find their group not only energetic and enthusiastic with their education first approach, but they skillfully adapt and stay ahead of the ever-evolving investment industry.  It is a pleasure collaborating with Financial Literacy Counsel."