Physician Practices

Providing integrated financial, legal and accounting services to Canadian Physicians is the realization of a vision which began in 2004.  It was in 2004 when we launched financial literacy and tax preparation clinics for medical students.

Today, our team of financial counselors, accountants and lawyers are trusted by physicans to complete their tax returns, incorporate their practices, pay off debts, execute charitable giving plans and implement suitable insurance and retirement savings (RRSP & TFSA) programs.

In our work with Physicians through the years, we have developed key relationships with experienced accountants, bankers, insurance companies and lawyers who serve the specific needs of physicians.

Save time and money by accessing our combined experience and intellectual capital built for the exclusive benefit of:

- Medical Students
- Medical Residents
- Practicing Physicians
- Enterprising Physicians
- Retiring Physicians

No longer do you have to waste valuable time going to 3-5 separate financial, legal, banking and tax professionals. As a client, you will be assigned one relationship manager who will coordinate integrated advice alongside lawyers, bankers and tax professionals who we have strong established relationships with.

Getting Started:
We look forward to saving you time and money by integrating financial, legal, banking and tax solutions.

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Relationship Managers:

Bobby J. Ning
Managing Director

Alphil Guilaran
Executive Director

Accounting, Banking & Legal Specialists:

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