Every year we assist employers by teaching over 1000 employees financial literacy skills to help them manage money wisely, save for retirement and understand their employee benefits and pension plans.

What makes us different:

We work for your best interests, we are truly independent and have no formal affiliation with any insurance or investment company.

We work with nationally recognized employee benefits consultants to design employee benefit plans that integrate financial literacy, best in class products, services and unparalleled support.

Our employee benefits consulting services include:

  • Ongoing financial literacy workshops for employees twice per year
  • Two hours per year of one on one financial and retirement counseling
  • In depth and competitive analysis of your group plan
  • Quarterly review and updates on plan experience and usage
  • Providing employee communication and updates
  • Plan design and governance to adhere to legal and tax legislation
  • Yearly reporting and presentations to stakeholders, board members and senior management
  • Group savings and pension planning design and portfolio manager selection
  • Executive benefit carve outs and cost containment strategies
  • Executive health savings plans
  • Health and welfare trusts for business owners

Contact Ivy John at 604.620.6630 or [email protected] for a complimentary no obligation review of your current employee benefits plan and pensions.