We empower families

What we do:

We work exclusively with business owners and their families to create proactive and integrated financial, legal, tax, succession planning and family governance strategies.

Family Business Coaching is an integral part of our Family Office which is a resource centre for the management, continuity and growth of multi-generational wealth.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to reconciliation between family members inside family owned businesses through open communication, coaching and counseling.

We are committed to putting plans in place for the faithful management of inter-generational wealth and training up heirs and beneficiaries with moral values and financial life skills.

Our Programs:

  1. Business Owners' Counseling
  2. Family Meeting & Succession
  3. Heirs and Beneficiary Education
  4. Heirs and Beneficiary Mentoring

Getting Started:
Contact Alphil Guilaran today for a preliminary consultation.
Alphil Guilaran
Executive Director
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