Proactive estate planning provides peace of mind that your assets are transferred to your designated beneficiaries properly, providing family harmony and saving your estate taxes and legal court fees.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to helping our clients effectively plan for the unexpected as well as honour their loved ones through carefully crafted estate plans which include integrated financial, legal, insurance and tax planning.

Every financial and estate plan we create highlights the need of having a customized and updated will, trust, power of attorney and representation agreement.

Wills enable individuals to have a voice and decide where they want their assets to go at the end of their lives, rather than relying on provincial statutes to make important decisions. An individual making a will can name an Executor, name Guardian(s) for minor children and establish trusts.

A Power of Attorney document enables an individual to grant someone they trust the ability to make legal, financial and property decisions in the event they are not able to do so.

According to the Canadian Bar Association, "The Representation Agreement Act allows you to appoint someone as your legal representative to handle your financial, legal, personal care and health care decisions, if you're unable to make them on your own". (

We invite you to take the first step in ensuring your estate plan is created and/or reviewed, by making a no obligation appointment with one of our team members.

Accounting & Legal Specialists:
We work with qualified and experienced legal professionals. Contact us for an approved list of trusted professionals that work with us.

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