Communication is at the CORE of any effective business succession plan.

However, when business owners are busy with the day-to-day responsibilities of their company, the discussion about succession planning becomes neglected.  Moreover, not only do you need solid legal and tax structures in place but business owners need to train up the next generation of human and intellectual capital.

A majority of business owners lack the knowledge of how to put a succession plan together as well as how to approach the subject to their family. 

Considering 8 out of 10 businesses in Canada are owner managed or family owned and that only 30% make it to the second generation and 10% survive to the third generation, it is vital to prioritize the execution of a succession plan.

Our team is ready to listen and have real life experiences to help successful business owners develop the tools, solutions and communication plans to execute an effective business succession plan with an eye towards keeping family harmony and preserving inter-generational wealth.

We are here to help.  Our services include:

  • Private one on one succession coaching
  • Advice on succession planning via structured family meetings
  • Advice on sale to internal management, third party or competitor
  • Advice on pre-IPO strategies
  • Credit proofing personal and family wealth
  • Setting up legal, valuation models and tax structures
  • Tax, retirement and financial planning for business owners and family members
  • Family trust and advanced estate planning
  • Family meetings and family governance setup
  • Beneficiary and heirs financial literacy

We look forward to serving you and helping you identify your options and the benefits of an integrated succession plan.

Contact Alphil Guilaran at 604.620.6630 or [email protected] to begin the dialogue.

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Alphil Guilaran
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