Serving you as you continue to serve others.

As a faithful servant leader in the Body of Christ, there may be questions and tensions when it comes to looking after the financial resources God has entrusted to you to take care of yourself and your family.

We provide a comprehensive list of confidential services to assist Pastors, Missionaries and Para-Church Leaders to navigate and make sense of the financial choices that they face.

We offer two levels of assistance:

Level 1: Consultation Only

If you have financial, tax or legal questions, we are here to prayerfully consider viable solutions that honour God and your loved ones.

Feel free to contact Alphil Guilaran at [email protected] or 604.620.6630 for a no obligation and complimentary initial consultation.

Level 2: Full Service Financial, Tax & Legal Counsel

We combine quarterly followup meetings as well as integrated financial, legal and tax solutions to ensure your planning stays on course and currently reflects changing needs and lifecycle events.

Moreover, we engage the entire family to effectively participate in the planning and implementation process through spousal and beneficiary education, coaching and family meetings.

We are happy to provide you with references of ministry leader families that we serve and look forward to serving you in the near future.

Getting Started:.
Contact Alphil Guilaran to book a private and confidential consultation.
Alphil Guilaran, Executive Director
[email protected]