Who we are

Financial Literacy Counsel (FLC) is a boutique financial education and financial planning company committed to “building financially literate generations”. Our clients include individuals, families, corporations and institutions.

We have unique expertise serving healthcare professionals which began with UBC Medicine in 2003. FLC has been contracted by VCH Employee Wellness since 2011 to provide financial literacy to healthcare professionals. Our programs are also delivered through UBC Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Vancouver Divisions of Family Practice, Resident Doctors of BC and BC Doctors of Optometry. Outside of the healthcare sector, we also deliver continuing education to Chapters of the Chartered Professionals Association of BC (CPA-BC) and Continuing Legal Education Society of BC (CLE-BC). We are also committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow through our programs in both public and private schools. 

How we began...

The Financial Literacy Counsel was founded in 1999 as a university student club. The focus of the club was to help students understand financial basics and to teach them the financial life skills and the discipline necessary to pay off debts and begin saving money. 

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Contact Bobby Ning (Managing Director) or Alphil Guilaran (Executive Director) at 604.620.6630 or [email protected] to book a private appointment to see how our education programs and counseling services can be customized to meet your needs.